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Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

I’m sure that you have questions so I’ll try to answer them here. These are some of the most common questions I’m asked by people enrolling in the Mentor Program. Click on the question to see the answer. If we’ve missed anything, please Contact Us!

Michael, can I meet with you in person, to see if mentoring is right for me?

Absolutely – I’ll be happy to meet with you to answer your questions in person. (As long as you don’t mind coming out to Hawaii Kai due to my tight schedule.) You can ask me anything. Bring your toughest questions with you.
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Do I need to have a Real Estate Agent’s license to be an investor?

No – it is not necessary to have an agent’s license. As real estate investors, we frequently work with agents, but, arguably, there are no major benefits for us in having a realtor’s license. In fact, there are some clear disadvantages to having one. We’re now seeing real estate agents get ‘squeezed’ as the housing market continues to change and there are fewer transactions. Unfortunately, as I predicted, many of them will continue to leave the profession to find work elsewhere. Conversely, a well-trained RE Investor can make money in any type of real estate market. Not surprisingly, I’m seeing more and more RE agents come through my Mentor Program to learn “the way of the investor.” I’ve written more on this topic in my best-selling book, “Win!”
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What if I don’t have much money to invest?

There are many ways to go into deals if you’re creative! If you don’t have your own cash to do deals – No worries. That only removes one option; there are still many others remaining on the table. I’ll show you how to obtain Other People’s Money (OPM) to invest in your deals. We may also focus your efforts initially on strategies that involve little or no cash. After doing several deals this way, you’ll have plenty of cash to invest and your options will expand, so you’ll now have a selection of strategies you can apply on a deal-by-deal basis.
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What if my credit scores are low?

I will show you how to begin improving your scores right away; I will also have you focus on alternative ways of financing your deals. I rarely use my credit to take down my deals.
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Where do we train?

Throughout Oahu! We’ll spend a lot of time learning strategies & techniques. We primarily do this in our classrooms and conference rooms, though we may also meet in cafes, restaurants, and libraries. We’ll travel to various neighborhoods to look at properties, we’ll meet with people & interview them to be on our investing team; you will even get to tour one (or several) of my ongoing rehab projects or new-build developments in progress. Your classroom is Oahu’s wonderful real estate market!
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Lately, I’ve heard negative stories about Real Estate. Is now a bad time to invest?

To the contrary, NOW IS THE BEST TIME TO INVEST! The negativity you’re hearing in the media reflects a consumer’s standpoint. But the opposite is true of Real Estate INVESTORS – we can make more money in down markets than at any other time. There are more motivated sellers, more foreclosures, more short sales and simply more opportunity for those of us who know how to take down these types of deals. It’s important not to get caught up in the negativity – steer clear of the ‘Red light thinkers’ around you.
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At what level is the training?

That depends largely on the student’s experience level. The level of training is tailored to the student’s needs. Typically, I cover Basic and Intermediate investing in the course. Then, on day 4, we get into some advanced strategies. If you’re already an experienced investor, our focus will be on sharpening your game, lowering your risk and making more money on a deal-by-deal basis. If you’re a beginner, we’re going to hit the fundamentals hard and then go into specific strategies that will earn you a lot of money in this business. I’ve trained rank beginners who have never owned a property. I’ve  also trained multi-millionaires with properties throughout the country. In short, I can teach every Level.
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How many students are trained at once?

I intentionally keep the sessions small to ensure a higher absorption rate of the strategies and material. Most Mentor sessions have 6 to 8 students.
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Aren’t good deals difficult to find on Oahu?

I’m still amazed to hear other investors tell me that! My response is, not if you know what to look for and where to find them. This is where education can make a huge difference. In January, I did 4 deals in one week. As I write this, 3 of my recent students took down deals this week and 2 of those are six-figure deals. Remember, while the information I share with you is not widely known, it’s not rocket science – this is completely teachable. If I can do this and my graduate-students can do this, then I can show you how to do it, too!
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Will you do a deal with me?

Once you’re a graduate of my Mentor program, then yes, some of my graduates like to do deals together with me. If I have a deal available to assign, my graduates get preference for these deals.
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What if I cannot take time off from work – can we train on weekends?

Absolutely – we do occasional weekend classes, so feel free to request weekend training. Call or email me to discuss possible dates.
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After the mentorship, can I call you if I get stuck?

Absolutely – the price of your mentorship includes 30 additional days of coaching, as needed, by email & telephone. You’ll have my personal cell phone number. It’s unlikely that you’ll get stuck, but if you do, I’ve got your back – I’m a phone call away.
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What if I want help beyond 30 days?

You can always call or email me. We can look at ways to partner on deals together. And there’s always the 1-day Mentorship available to you. I’m available for additional training if needed.
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Will we actually do a deal during the 4-day mentorship?

It has happened – If a deal presents itself, and you’re at a level where you understand what you’re doing, then yes, the decision will be yours. As your mentor, it’s more important to me that you understand how to find deals, how to analyze them and how to actually take down the deal with confidence. I look to the old proverb, “Give a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime.”
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Can I pay by Credit Card?

Yes, you can pay through PayPal, which allows you to use a credit card. I can also take your credit card over the phone. There is more info on payment options at the bottom the Programs and Pricing page.
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Will I need a computer?

It will certainly help your business operation to have regular access to a computer. During the mentorship, we’ll be doing research, accessing the MLS, pulling tax records and running software to evaluate your financials as well as analyze your potential deals. You’ll certainly want to have a computer for this. I make extra effort to ensure my students have a decisive competitive advantage over other investors – If you’re not using a computer in your investing business, you’re definitely losing some advantage.
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What type of results do your students typically get?

Hawaii’s largest hard money lender recently told me, “I see Honolulu Mentor graduates doing more deals in Hawaii than anyone else.” That was a nice compliment from someone who knows most of the active investors here. A vast majority of my students have done deals since being mentored. It’s not uncommon for my students to do 2-3 deals in 2-3 months after their mentorship. As I write this, my students from 2 weeks ago already have 3 deals in escrow. While this may not qualify as ‘typical’, it’s important to note that they had only a minimal level of training and hadn’t done any deals prior to being mentored. There are 2 main ingredients at work here. First is the financial intelligence they’ve gained during their mentorship. Tried & true strategies, forged with ‘hands-on’ training. Second, and equally as important, is their eagerness and ability to create massive action! They’re on trajectory to earn a respectable six-figure income this year, all from their part-time, new profession – Real Estate Investing!
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Can we watch you in action?

Yes – in many cases, I’m in the process of doing deals myself. (Remember that while I have a passion for mentoring, I’M A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR FIRST! That is how I make my living – I am out there doing this stuff!) You’ll have the opportunity to see what I’m doing and you’ll understand the “Why’s” behind my actions and the numbers behind each deal. I ‘practice what I preach.’ During the course, I’ll show you the numbers on my current deals. When you see my deals in progress, you’ll understand that the strategies you are learning really work and that you can make excellent money by simply doing what I ‘m teaching you. It’s a lot of fun, and very exciting!!
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Will your strategies work anywhere?

Absolutely! I’ll be teaching you a system. Once you learn this, you can take your show ‘on the road’ and do this anywhere. My graduates are now investing all over the country and even internationally. You’ll learn how to understand market cycles and evaluate a housing market in any part of the country (even overseas!) You’ll learn how to apply the correct strategy in any given market. You’ll learn how to make money in any type of Real Estate market, and more importantly, I’ll show you how to select the most profitable markets to invest in.
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Michael, we live out-of-state. Can we come to Hawaii to be mentored?

Absolutely. Combine it with a vacation and get the tax write-off! Call me to discuss. I’m currently invested in 2 of America’s best markets on the mainland. The strategies I teach you will work anywhere and they’re completely applicable to your local market.
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Is there anything else to buy?

No. Many of the national-level courses cost thousands of dollars, and once it’s too late, you learn that it’s only an introductory course. Then you’re expected to buy more courses that provide the details. With HonoluluMentor, you get the good stuff up front – save your money for your next deal! The price includes the 4-day intensive mentorship, 30 days of unlimited email & telephone coaching, a complete course manual, software to analyze your deals, software to spec a rehab job, attorney-drafted contracts, forms to run your business, an extensive reference library, a sample business plan, a sample proposal for private money lenders, and lots more.
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Aren’t there risks involved in Real Estate Investing?

There are risks involved in any business, including ours. I’ll teach you some great ways to identify & then to mitigate the risks involved in your deals. You’ll learn to operate within your own tolerance for risk and to build safety into ALL of your real estate investments.
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How much time will we be spending together?

Typically, we’re together for 8-9 hours per day. We often jam nonstop and have working lunches. As a student, your day continues on for another 2-3 hours after we part company, because you have research and other things to get done to be prepared for the next day. So, your mentor experience will usually entail 10-11 hour days.
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How can I best prepare for my upcoming mentorship?

Once we’ve received your deposit, we’ll confirm and lock in your mentorship dates. I’ll then send you a welcome packet, that’ll provide more information, along with a few things you need to accomplish beforehand. We’ll get the learning process started so that you can get the most out of your mentorship.
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What is the cost of the Mentorship Program?

Tuition is only $4,999 per student for the weekday sessions and also for weekend sessions. Compare this to $12,000 – $15,000+ charged by the national companies. For all that extra money, you only get 3 days of training and your mentor flies in from the mainland. Someone who’s never done a deal here in this market. I’m now offering a 1-day mentorship for only $1,499. There’s also a payment plan, so you can learn now and pay later. For more information, see our “Programs & Pricing” page.
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Michael, I’m already doing deals – Wanna partner with me?

Absolutely. Call me. There are numerous ways we can work together. Let’s have a chat!
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Michael, how is your training different than The Flip Advantage, Fortune Builders, Rich Dad/Tigrent, and other similar training programs?

The national companies will charge you $12,000 to $15,000+ for a 3-day, or even a 2-day mentorship. They’ll fly a mentor out here from the mainland. He’ll have no deals here to show you and no local business contacts that he’s actually used. After 2 or 3 days, he’ll get on a plane and you’ll never see him again. Conversely, I live and work here in Hawaii. I’ve been doing all kinds of deals here for 14 years. I’ve built a solid power team of business contacts that I’ll share with you. I’ll be here when you need me, and I’m even willing to do deals with you as partners. Plus, you get 4 full days of training with me, instead of 2 or 3, and I only charge a fraction of what the national companies charge. With the national programs, you can pay a lot more, but you won’t get more.
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I’m ready to Do It! What is my next step?

Simply make a deposit ($500) to secure your seat in the next session. You can pay your deposits right here, right now, on this website. You can also pay in full if you want; or do the financing plan, so you can learn now and pay later. Once you make your payment, I’ll be notified and will contact you within 24 hours. You can use a credit card or a direct debit if you’d like – it’s easy and fast! If you choose to pay by check, it can be mailed to the address at the bottom of this page. Make your check payable to “Honolulu Mentor.” Include a note with your contact information and desired class date. Once we receive this, we’ll immediately contact you to schedule you for one of our upcoming sessions that fits your schedule. Financing is now available. Learn now, and pay later. No payments and no interest if you pay your balance within 6 months – and by that time, you should be into at least one deal! Feel free to call me or email if you have any questions about this. Now pull the trigger, and I’ll see you soon!
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Michael, I have money to invest – Can I invest funds into your deals, and make money along with you?

Maybe. I use private funds for most of the deals I do. When it’s not my own funds, I do additional deals with funds from private individuals. Private lending is one of the smartest ways to invest today. Investing in house flips with IRAs has become popular lately. One of my lenders earned over $100,000 last year without working – just by funding my deals. I typically pay my lenders 10% – 12% fixed interest and the funds on loan are secured by the house I’m flipping. Let’s set up a meeting or a phone call to discuss, and see if it’s a win for both of us. It’s important that you know how the process works, and how my investing company operates so you’ll know what to expect.
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Start Your Future Now in Real Estate Investment!

Today is the best time to begin learning the secrets behind profitable property investment and house flipping here in Hawaii. See what you get in our Programs & Courses now. Or you can even get Michael’s info-packed Free Report on buying foreclosures and where to look for deals. Guaranteed you’ll learn things you never knew before.

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More questions? No problemo – ask away! I’m always happy to answer your questions. Click on the button below to shoot me an email, or simply use the contact form at the bottom of this page.Get in Touch

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