Current Pricing



 Current Pricing

“Today’s training on Creative Financing was worth the entire price of tuition. I know how to get the money for my deals now – this was a problem for me in the past. It won’t be a problem in the future!”   –Robert C., Honolulu

“Michael’s course is worth 10 times as much, but I’m glad I only had to pay what I paid, so I could get started now and not wait.”       –Kristen G., Honolulu

Better Training for HALF the price!
Don’t overpay for mentoring – similar programs cost $10,000 and more. Let’s run some numbers: one of the nation’s largest mentor programs costs $10,000 for only 3 days of training. 2 students can attend for this price.

  • That means $5,000 per student, for 3 days, which equals $1,666 per student, per day.

Compare this to Honolulu Mentor’s course:

  • If you pay $3000 for 4 days of training, that equals only $750 per student, per day.

Today, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a 4-day mentor program anywhere – most of them have been reduced to only 3 days. In virtually all cases,

  • they will fly in a mentor from out-of-state
  • He has not done ANY deals here in Hawaii that he can show you
  • He has NO local business contacts (a proven Power Team in place) to introduce you to
  • He is unlikely to be familiar with the ‘ins and outs’ of our local market
  • He is unlikely to be an ‘accredited investor.’ (As designated by the SEC, meaning that investor is a net worth millionaire and/or has earned at least $200,000 in each of the last 2 years.) In fact, many of these ‘mentors’ have only done a few deals themselves, and most shocking of all, an increasing number of these mentors mentor because they need a job!One “mentor” we know who shows up frequently in Hawaii is not even a successful investor.
  • And after the 3 days, he will get on a plane and you will never see him again.
  • Worse still, you will continue to be ‘upsold’ to buy more classes.

Don’t be fooled – Many so-called ‘mentor programs’ are actually nothing more than ‘Telephone Coaching’ progams. The ‘inside truth,’ which very few people know: These coaches will read to you from a script book, and in most cases have only done 1 or 2 deals themselves. offers a true mentor program – we will be working together, face-to-face, doing ‘hands-on’ training for four intensive days. I do a lot of deals, many of them are done right here on Oahu; and over the long haul I have averaged 10 deals a year for the past 10 years. Who better to teach you than an active investor right here on Oahu, who is doing lots of deals in this market?

You Can Pay More (a lot more!) – But You Will NOT Get More

You will get much more than your money’s worth (In fact, just the materials alone that I’m going to give you when you enroll, are worth more than the price of your tuition!) The money-making techniques you learn will last you a lifetime – the financial intelligence you gain can never be taken away from you.

The base rate for our 4-day mentorship is only $2997 per student. (You will earn this back, many times over, on your very first deal!)


Pricing sheet
*Professional education may be a tax deductible expense – consult your CPA or tax advisor for details!
All Courses are 4 days long

4 Week Days: $2,997 per student
Come by yourself, or with a friend, spouse, or business partner….
for 4 days that can forever change your future!
(Pricing is per student)
———-   OR   ———-
2 WeekEnds: $3,400 per student
The same 4 days of training held over 2 weekends, i.e., Sat & Sun, then Sat & Sun the following week. Obviously, this is the program for people who have difficulty getting time off from work.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 per student will hold your slot, and the balance of your tuition is due the week prior to commencement.

Payments are accepted by credit card, check, or cash.