Mentor Program

Do you want to learn to safely invest in in Real Estate?

The Millionaire Mentor course is 4 Full Days of Intensive, ‘Hands-On’ Training, conducted personally by one of Hawaii’s most active investors, followed by 30 days of unlimited email & telephone Coaching!

Up to 4 students at a time can enroll in our top-rated Millionaire Mentor program, to be personally trained by a seasoned, professional Real Estate Investor, right here on Oahu! This is NOT a feeble ‘telephone coaching’ program – we will be working & training together, face-to-face, for four intensive days.


I am frequently asked, “Michael, how is your training different than Rich Dad’s (Robert Kiyosaki’s), Trump University’s, Robert Allen’s, Russ Whitney’s,   and other similar training programs?”


I have some direct experience with this, as I spent 2 years mentoring for the Wealth Intelligence Academy as an independent contractor. The WIA provides the training for Rich Dad (Robert Kiyosaki) and Russ Whitney’s students all around the country. I do not knock any of these courses, in fact, the ones I have attended have usually been pretty good, and some of the mentors and boot-camp instructors are personal friends of mine. They are rather expensive, however, and their focus is not geared as much toward your individual success, as it is upon selling you more and more classes.


So, because many of you have asked, here are the key differences: I have been investing right here in this market for years – successfully. You will see my deals and my students’ deals. I have a full ‘power team’ of hand-picked professionals in place, which I have developed over the years, and I will share them with you. You will meet some of them during the course. I can show you from experience what works and what does not work in this market. And finally, my program is at less than half the price of the national programs.