How to become a real estate investor in Hawaii

Investors choose real estate for a number of reasons. These include the many opportunities to make money through cash flow, tax benefits and appreciation.

A real estate investor buys property for wealth creation or passive income purposes.

A focused investor buys an asset below value, and then repairs or improves it in order to sell the property for a maximum profit.

Often, you can just hire an investing firm to manage the potential profitable opportunities for you, and invest according to your guidelines.

As a real estate investor, you need to learn how to maximize leverage and the use of other people’s money in order to increase cash for other purposes, hence increasing your earnings exponentially.

This procedure creates a good cash flow. Such a cash flow is ideal to real estate investors.

Barring any unexpected decreases in value, real estate usually appreciates in value. That is, once the property is bought, the value of the

asset slowly increases with time. This is known as market appreciation. A savvy investor can further increase the appreciation by improving and repairing the property. This is known as forced appreciation.

Another reason that people are learning how to become a real

estate investor is the valuable tax benefits governing real estate

transactions. Federal and state governments try to support investment by

writing financial incentives into the tax code. Here are a couple of the key tax benefits that we get as real estate investors. First, an investor can claim the interest portion of their monthly mortgage payments as a tax deduction, and secondly, tax deductions can be created through a process called depreciation.

Even though a property may be appreciating in value, an investor following the tax code is allowed to depreciate the value of the property over a fixed schedule, and deduct the loss, even though the loss is only on paper.

Leverage is another major reason for becoming a real estate investor. By using leverage wisely, a real estate investor can create exponential profits. For instance, say you purchased a house for $10,000 and then sold it for $11,000.

Your profit margin would be 10%. However, if you get an initial loan of $9,000 to fund the purchase, and make a down payment of only $1,000, then your profit margin (your ROI – Return On Investment) would be 100%.

This technique is known as leverage.

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