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Testimonials from Our Graduates

Actual quotes from graduates of the Millionaire Mentor Hawaii Real Estate Investing Course

You can read right here what past Honolulu Mentor students say about our real estate investing programs OR watch & listen to some of them in the videos on the left side. Find out what you can expect from our Real Estate Investing Courses!


“Michael, thank you for the mentoring and guidance. We just completed the 5 Day Sale, closed escrow and made $90,000! Now I can pay off my debts, and have plenty of money for my next deal. This really gets me back on my feet! I AM EXCITED, and this is clearly a turning point in my life!  Thanks for teaching me these strategies.”  –Doug H., Maui

“This course beats Robert Allen’s, no comparison! As a realtor, I sold a house worth more than $560,000, I worked hard on that sale, and after taxes and everything else, I only made about $10,000 in commissions. Now as an investor, I recently did a buy-fix-sell on a $350,000 house, and I made over $100,000 for myself! The difference is huge!”    –Mark D., Honolulu

“Awesome mentor, Awesome course! …my questions were answered, my fears were diminished, and my confidence increased exponentially. It would have taken me years to accumulate all this knowledge on my own and no telling how much debt or cost to me.”  –Cari M., Honolulu

“I recently took a ‘Rich Dad’ seminar, and although it was good info, after the 3-day class I was still not ready to do a deal. Now, I’m only half-way through Michael’s Mentor course, and I am already making offers on properties. Now, I know I can do deals!”  –Sean N., Honolulu

“Michael, I’ve learned more about contracts and writing offers in your course, than I learned in the past 2 years working as a Realtor!”  –Carolyn D., Honolulu

“I really liked how you incorporate goal-setting and life projects / passions with running your business. This is impactful to me. Another thing that had a big impact was meeting your former students who are doing deals.”   –Kristina B., Kaneohe

“Not taking this course 2 years ago has cost me a lot of money!  –Michael I., Mililani 

“The workshop was everything I envisioned. The sleepless nights and long days for this experience is the best decision I have ever made in my life.”  –Arnold Y., Kailua“This course was the most valuable investment I ever made in my entire lifetime!  –Marilyn B., Honolulu

Michael, I was blown away that you actually did 3 deals this week, while mentoring us. Wow! You have given me the confidence I needed. My husband already sees a difference in me. Thank you!     –Joanne L., Hawaii Kai

“It is interesting to me that although we were brought together on the main premise of Real Estate investing, there were many more lessons learned. Some of the most valuable things I learned were about giving and receiving, gratitude, and of course the laws of attraction and abundance.  I am glad that these were part of the program, and I hope you continue to keep these as parts, and even emphasize these points with future students. The mentorship program has proven to be a catalyst for more discovery and future success. Thank you for being a part of my success, and I hope that we can keep in touch to celebrate real estate as a vehicle to success, but more importantly to celebrate life itself!”  –Keoni C., Honolulu

One of Our Students Who’s Making Deals Now!

Past Honolulu Mentor student in the news!

 Success Story…
A graduate of our Millionaire Mentor Program was recently featured in the Homes section of the newspaper. Read about the adventures of this retired U.S. Marine, who’s now a savvy Real Estate Investor.

YOU can become our next success story!

More Testimonials!

“Hi Michael, thanks again for a super class. Did anyone tell you that you’d make a great motivational speaker? I have tapes from Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and others and you rank up there with the best of them. But of course you’re better. You not only get us motivated to do something you also give us the tools to do it with.”  –Randy A, Honolulu

 “We made offers on real properties during Michael’s course – and one of these offers just turned into a six-figure deal for us. We just closed escrow, and bought this property for more than $100,000 under its appraised value! The real estate agent listing the property was impressed with the techniques I used, and said that my mentor must have taught me some really good things.” — David & Kristen

“You are simply awesome, Michael! Your step-by-step approach and ability to lay a solid foundation of concepts followed by the specifics is simply amazing. Would I recommend this course to others? Absolutely! Beyond the money-making strategies learned, you will experience a mental and emotional shift that will forever change your life. I can’t explain it, you have to experience it!”  —George H., Honolulu

“I liked the fact that Michael is actually doing deals while he is mentoring us. This is so much different than just attending a boot camp or seminar. I can see that the stuff I’m learning really works, because he is doing it right in front of us.”  —Lisa W., Kailua

“The knowledge and information given was above and beyond anything I could have ever expected, and my expectations were high! I now see how it is possible to make my financial dreams a reality, and continue with all of my goals.”  —Kristen G., Honolulu

“I would absolutely recommend this mentor program to to everyone. This is one of the most life-changing programs I have ever seen!”  —David L., Honolulu

“I’ve learned more in 4 days than in one-and-a-half years of studying. Your methods of conveying information in everyday terms made it easy to absorb the material. The ways in which I could obtain financing were a definite eye-opener. That was a show-stopper for me in the past.”  —Daniel L., Makakilo

“This was the best and most useful Real Estate Investing education I have ever experienced. These 4 days have truly enlightened me on my previous barriers to investing and how I can break past them.”  —Chester M., San Francisco

“Michael is a genuine & concerned professional who leads by example. He is both pleasant & knowledgeable. He really wants his students to succeed. He is always there to help, coach, and guide.”Dennis N., Mililani

“Michael is a great mentor. Not only did we learn a tremendous amount about investing, we also had fun and laughed, and are now friends – that’s very important!”  –Brian M., Rye, NH

“There were many techniques that I can immediately put into action – things I would never have thought of, but are very logical and doable. Very innovative & clever!”
–Connie G., Reno, NV

“The knowledge & one-on-one format is priceless.”  –Mel M., Kapolei 

“I couldn’t ask for a better mentor. Exceeded my expectations by a mile. We are going to use Michael’s ROI strategy on a house we are purchasing now. We have learned how to invest in hot markets and we now see that we can be millionaires within the next several years. This is the best system of everything we have learned yet.”   –Robin H., Aiea, HI

“Michael was an excellent mentor. He made sure I understood the concepts, and has put me on the path to success & expanded my horizons. Carpe Diem!”
–Marian W., Denver, CO.

“What can I say? It’s worth every hard-earned penny and then some!! Thank you, Michael!!” –Venu M., Chicago, IL

“An outstanding training course. The 4 days spent with Michael doubled the amount of knowledge I gained in my previous trainings. It was an outstanding opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional. Michael is a kind, knowledgeable, caring RE Investor. A great choice for us!” —Louis N., Kaneohe, HI

“Once again, I was amazed at a higher level than the day before. Mike makes what always seemed beyond my reach in the past, appear within my grasp for certain. This course is worth a hundred times the price.”   –Harry H., Waianae, HI

“Michael was an absolute mover and shaker. He was a fabulous facilitator. He’s pleasant, outstanding, and very animated. Michael went above and beyond the call of duty. Michael was a wealth of knowledge and charisma.”
 –Sandra S., Honolulu

“It was great to have someone familiar with our market. A great source of street knowledge of the area. Michael was willing to go in depth to answer our questions.”
–Carolyn W., Kaneohe, HI

“I think that having Michael come to our home town for 4 days finally helped my parents to believe that they too can do this business and be successful. Michael’s time spent with us has changed our lives! Thank you!” –Marcia M., New Hampshire

“Intensive, I got little sleep, but it was totally awesome!!” –Donna A, Honolulu


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