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Investor Resources

Online Tools & Resources for Real Estate Investors

Save yourself some time and effort by using these resources on the Internet. A lot of great information and tools that’ll make your investment research and analysis much easier. If you’re looking to raise your investment game to the next level, check out our Real Estate Investing Programs & Courses now.

Zillow Home Values
This site shows comparable sales data for your properties, nation-wide, combined with satellite photos. You can also view graphs of past appreciation data.

Honolulu Property Tax Records
If you know the address, you can look up the owner here

Turtle Bay Land Company’s Facebook page
This is my investing company. Stop by for a visit! Check out some cool “Before & After” photos, see some of my deals in progress, and please hit the “LIKE” button at the top of the page to like us on Facebook.

MLS Access
Surf through the listings, and pull your own comps. This is one of my favorite websites, and I recommend its creator, Bryn Kaufman, if you need a good realtor here on Oahu. This site is truly an excellent resource for investors!

The 5 Day Sale!
Incredible method of selling your home in only 5 days…
We’ve done lots of these here on Oahu – this really works! You will learn to do this in detail in the Mentor Course.

The Mortgage Professor
A great place to become mortgage-savvy!

Free Landlord Forms

Free Court Forms – Hawaii

Search Local Court Records
Pre-screen your tenants, contractors, and potential business partners – make sure you’re not dealing with criminals!

Make a $500 Deposit to Reserve Your Seat, and Get Things Rolling!

Choose your course and class date, and I’ll contact you to confirm details. Balance is due prior to start of course.

Financial Calculators
Excellent & popular site. Loads of different calculators.

Military Housing Website
Looking for a tenant? You can post your ads for free on this site

National Sex Offender Registry
Before putting a tenant into one of your properties, run his name through this site

Hawaii’s Landlord – Tenant Code
Know your rights and responsibilities as a landlord

Hawaii’s Foreclosure laws

Public Records Directory
Links to FREE state records databases, including real estate records

Hawaii’s Laws – Resource Center
A massive resource!

Honolulu Board of Realtors

Free Credit Report!
Get a free copy of your credit report every 12 months from each of the 3 credit reporting bureaus

Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
View the House Price Index for cities nationwide.

Calculate rental property ROI fast & free

Realty Times
Real Estate News and Advice

Business Registration
Forms & Information for setting up your business in Hawaii

DCCA Business Name Search
Starting a business? See if a business name is available, and reserve it

Computer lessons: 4 kids, by kids
Can you tell I’m a proud daddy? This is my 11-yr old son’s 1st business! After playing “Rich Dad’s Cashflow Game,” and reading the books Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Cashflow Quadrant, Matthew launched this business and created his own website. Feel free to drop in and say ‘hello’ on his blog.

Sponsor a Child
Change the Life of a Child…. forever! Because, after all is said & done, it’s really not about us!

Ready to REALLY Get in the Hawaii Real Estate Investing Game?

Learning the complexities of this market and how to make money in it requires hands-on training – with a proven, experienced investor. That’s what you get in our Real Estate Investing Programs. You can also get a Free, Info-Packed Whitepaper on Hawaii Real Estate Investing right now and get tips and knowledge you can use right now!

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