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How to Make Money in Hawaii Real Estate Investing

4 Days of 1-on-1 Training. 30 days of Coaching. Everything you’ll need.

All training is conducted personally by one of Hawaii’s most active real estate investors. ‘Hands-on’ is the best way for you to learn. You’ll be writing offers on off-market, vacant, & ugly houses by the 2nd day of my course. Are we having fun yet?

We’ll Develop Your Expertise In:

Finding Great Deals

Knowing where to look for the deals that others aren’t finding and how to set up your deal flow. Create an income stream that will last a lifetime and beyond. On Day 3 of the course, we’re going to cover more than 50 ways of finding good deals. You’ll start seeing investment opportunities you never noticed before.

Running the Numbers:

You’ll get advanced software – the same one I use in my investing company to analyze my deals every day. You’ll learn to analyze your deals with precision. You’ll have the confidence of knowing how much expenses should be and how much profit you’ll make – before you pull the trigger and do the deal.

Funding Your Deals:

You’ll learn to fund your deals creatively, the way the pros do it – without using your own money or credit. Imagine flipping a house and making an $80,000 profit. Then imagine you did it without using a dime of your own money. That’s how we roll! For many of my students, this is their favorite part of the entire course.

Make a $500 Deposit to Reserve Your Seat, and Get Things Rolling!

I’ll contact you to confirm class dates and details. Balance is due prior to start of course.

How is Honolulu Mentor’s training different than those expensive national programs?

 The differences are many – if you’re comparing Rich Dad, Fortune Builders, The Flipping Formula, and similar courses: I’ve been investing right here in this market for many years. Successfully. You’ll see both my deals and my students’ deals. I have a full ‘Power Team’ of hand-picked professionals in place, who I’ve cultivated and used over the years, and I’ll share them with you, so you can get up to speed quickly. I can show you from my own experience what works and what does not work in this market. And my program is less than half the price of those national programs. In short, you’ll get BETTER TRAINING, by a LOCAL MENTOR, for less than HALF THE PRICE with Honolulu Mentor. This is not marketing hype, simply an indisputable Fact.

Why Choose Honolulu Mentor?


  •  Studies show: those who get mentored, get better results. By far.
  • Local Mentor. LOTS of experience
  • Your Mentor is an active investor
  • Strategies are proven in this market
  • Low tuition price. Save your money!
  • You can meet me before you decide.
  • I’ve got your back! You can always call me if you get stuck.
  • We can even do deals together.
  • Enroll Now

Here’s what you’ll get:

The Best Training Available

Because I’m an active investor, I’m continually updating the curriculum to teach you the latest and best techniques and strategies that I’m using in my deals. Field trips to learn rehabbing, and find off-market deals. You’ll know this stuff works, because I’m doing it.

Topics Include:

ROI investing, Goal setting and GamePlan, Finding deals, Exit strategies, Creative financing, Power Teams, Contracts, Writing Offers, Due diligence, Field trips, Renovating houses for profit, Analyzing housing markets, Market cycles, Advanced investing strategies, and many more.

Course Materials Include:

Deal analysis software, business plan for a REI company, MLS access, all my marketing letters and postcards, Contracts, LLC operating agreements, Joint venture agreements, Complete reference library, Mentor course manual, Foreclosure & strategy manuals, and much more.

Unlimited Coaching

The mentor course is designed so that you can do deals on your own, however, its good to know that if you need some guidance, by phone, email, or in person – I’m there for you after you graduate. I’ve got your back!

Funding For Your Deals

I can fund your deals when I have funds available. You will also get access to my full PowerTeam: My hand-picked and fully vetted team of contractors, realtors, attorneys, accountants, suppliers, etc., that I use to take down deals.

Option To Partner With Me

I do plenty of deals, and I often do them with mentor graduates as my partners. Wanna do a deal together? For me, it doesn’t matter – I’m doing deals anyway. For you, its one more option that can help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about our Hawaii Real Estate Investing Courses and even sign up now! Take the next step to a better life with proven expertise you can start using immediately.

If you don’t see the course dates you’re looking for, Contact me now to schedule something that works for you.x

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